DESTINATION: Tijuana, Mexico

Empowering women to make a difference through kindness and adventure

Jax at August Build


Build One Small House.


Hiking. Biking. Yoga. Sunset Sail and lesson. Afternoon Massage in luxurious beachfront accommodations.

NOVEMBER 7-14, 2024

DESTINATION: Tijuana, Mexico & Del Mar, CA

Each participant in this program will be called upon to work hard and play hard. Building a home in a few days is a huge endeavor. And we will play hard with an enriching after adventure!

Join us in November, 2024 when we build another home and celebrate World Kindness TOGETHER!

World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day - November 13, 2024

Kindness + Adventure 

August Build Collage


Arms up Del Mar  Boat Del Mar  Bikes Del Mar

7 Nov.


Itinerary for the first day of Kindness Adventures Philanthropy's house-building project in Tijuana, partnering with One Small House:

Date: November 7

Location: San Diego, California


  • Welcome to the One Small House by Kindness Adventures building project!
  • Introduction to the program and the theme "Building Strength through Kindness" for ourselves and the community we'll serve.
  • For those traveling by air, please arrive at SAN airport before 10:00 AM on November 7.
  • If you require accommodations for November 6, we can provide suggestions.
  • 10:00 AM: Depart in van from San Diego and head to our building site in Tijuana.
  • Afternoon: Begin the house-building project. Details to follow
  • Hotel: Accommodation details will be provided later (TBD).

Note: The itinerary may be subject to minor changes or additions to ensure a smooth and impactful experience during the philanthropic project.

7-11 Nov.

Thursday - Monday

Build One Small House - Tijuana, Mexico

One Small House builds homes and community buildings for the poorest families by bringing together determined volunteers and generous donors. Managed entirely by volunteers, we strive to provide our families with security, our volunteers with experiences they will cherish forever, and our donors with the assurance that their funds are used wisely.

One Small House identifies if a family is eligible to receive a new home by conducting in-person visits, vetting them through trusted contacts and community leaders, as well as requiring proof of land ownership. This ensures that the homes being built go to those who will benefit most from a safe, secure new home. In addition, One Small House employs local labor to help our volunteer crew and purchases all materials within the community to stimulate the local economy.

We are in discussions with One Small House on the project logistics. Once they have selected a family, we will have more details on the exact location of our accommodations.

Meals: All inclusive

Accommodations: Near the project site - TBD

11-14 Nov.

Monday - Thursday

Nov 11 - "Kindness Adventures" workers have had an eventful and rewarding experience in Tijuana, completing the house build for a deserving family. The culmination of their hard work and dedication will be marked by a celebration where they will hand over the keys to the newly constructed house.

After the celebration, the team will proceed to their new accommodations in Del Mar, likely feeling a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from their philanthropic efforts. Their new house, located right on the beach, promises to be a delightful place for relaxation. 

To help ease their tired bodies after five days of strenuous work, the team has arranged for massage therapists to provide much-needed relaxation. The massages will undoubtedly help rejuvenate the workers and offer a well-deserved respite.

Nov 12   The day starts with an invigorating bike ride, allowing the team to explore the beautiful city and enjoy the fresh air. After the bike ride, the team will gather for a well-deserved lunch at a favorite local cafe.  

In the afternoon, we will return to their delightful Del Mar house, to relax and unwind after their bike ride and lunch. Being right on the beach, the house provides a serene environment for rest and relaxation.

At 3 pm, we are in for a special treat: a sunset sail out of Oceanside. Sailing along the coast during sunset is a magical experience, and it's a wonderful way to enjoy the scenic beauty of the area. The presence charcuterie plate adds a touch of luxury.  The sailing experience comes with an added bonus—a sailing lesson. This provides an opportunity for the team members to learn a new skill and bond over shared experiences on the water.

Overall, the day promises to be a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and learning, creating lasting memories for the "Kindness Adventures" workers. It's an excellent way to celebrate their successful house build and reward themselves for their hard work and compassion.

Nov 13  This day is filled with outdoor activities and opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the area.

The morning starts with a hiking adventure in the hills around San Diego. Hiking is an excellent way to connect with nature, enjoy breathtaking views, and get some exercise.  Lunch will be at another iconic cafe. 

In the afternoon, there are two options for the team to choose from:

  1. Relaxation: After the morning hike and lunch, some members of the team might prefer a laid-back afternoon at their Del Mar house, enjoying the beach, reading, or simply unwinding.

  2. Surfing Lesson: For those seeking a bit more excitement and trying something new, a surfing lesson has been arranged. 

As the day draws to a close, the "Kindness Adventures" trip will come to an end with a closing ceremony. This ceremony may include reflections on the experiences of the past few days, sharing stories, and expressing gratitude for the meaningful work they've done for the deserving family in Tijuana.

Nov 14 - it's time for the "Kindness Adventures" team to wrap up their memorable journey in San Diego and head back home. Van trip back to the airport at 10 am.  

In addition to our planned activities, we will cover the #AOK (Acts of Kindness) Learning & Development Program based on the Roots & Shoots 4-Step Formula to Create a Community Project developed by the Jane Goodall Institute.

Meals: All inclusive

Accommodations: Del Mar, Ca 

Kindness Adventures

Tijuana, Mexico

Each participant in this program will be called upon to work hard and play hard. Building a home in a few days is a huge endeavor. And we will play hard with an enriching after adventure!

Program includes seven nights shared accommodations, all meals and ground transport, One Small House donation and medical insurance during the build, a Kindness Ambassador gift, three nights in a luxurious beachfront AirBnB, yoga,  sunset sail and lesson, bike rental and massage. Airfare, trip insurance, tips and gratuities are not included.


Note Requirements for Participation Below


Payment Plan

$998 * 3


Register and make two additional monthly payments. Initial payment must begin by June 1, 2024.

Pay In Full


One payment

Register by September 1 and make one payment.


8 days/7 nights

All Meals

All Ground Transportation

All Activities, Donation to One Small House, and Kindness Ambassador Gifts

Travel Insurance

Does not include:

Flights to/from SAN

Personal Trip Insurance



During our time together, you will actually BUILD A HOUSE! Hammering, painting, sawing, and general construction tasks are yours for the taking! After we will relax with adventures in beautiful Del Mar beach! Biking, walking, sailing and massages. To receive the most enjoyment, anticipate and prepare your fitness.

Packing List from Jax

Jax at Tijuana Build with Board

It all begins with a willingness to lead from your heart!

Thank you for coming along with Kindness Adventures!

Click below for a packing list. Let me know if you have ANY questions.

Kindness Adventures Tijuana and Del Mar Packing List

What To Pack

We are staying at a good hotel with internet. Security for your electronics should be no problem but it is up to each individual to decide whether to bring computer etc.

Passport (It is recommended you leave a photocopy at home and bring an additional photocopy with you)
Medication (in original prescription bottles)
Shower supplies (flip-flops recommended)
Ear plugs (some people snore)
Flashlight or headlamp
Water bottle


Summer builds are warm (obviously). Mornings are often cooler (also, obviously). Rain is possible, but unlikely. Wearing light clothing, bringing plenty of sunscreen, perhaps sleeves and pants to protect from the sun, and sturdy shoes are a solid starting point.

Weather in Tijuana has an average high of 69 and an average low of 54. Rain is always possible. The mornings and evenings can get cold with variable weather during the daytime. As a result, clothing that is worn in layers is typically preferred. In addition, it may rain and conditions can get muddy.

Hat (for sun and rain)
Rain gear / poncho (less important in the summer)
Boots or shoes with sturdy sole
Old jeans/pants
Warm sleeping clothes (more relevant in the winter)
Work gloves

Contact Information While In Mexico:

Most U.S. cell phones will work from Mexico, but check your service provider for rates.

Trip leaders’ phone numbers/contact information:

Craig Torres-Ness (two six zero) 615.5756

Daily Itinerary
We’ll rendezvous in the early afternoon in San Diego and cross the border together. We’ll get a little building in the first day. Below is a typical itinerary for the build. Truth be told, that wake-up time gets later and later each day…but we leave it on here to stay ambitious.

7:00 a.m. Rise and shine. Continental breakfast will be provided at hotel
7:30 a.m. Vans depart for worksite: 10-minute ride. During the trip, we’ll be constructing two homes, which are very close to one another.
12 p.m. Lunch on site provided by a local family who has volunteered to cook us delicious local fare. Typically rice, beans and a separate meat dish are provided, along with a dessert. If you have any special dietary needs, make certain to let us know so we can ensure you’re well fed!
5:30 p.m. Clean up work-site and depart back to hotel

6:00 p.m. Dinner Evening After dinner, we’ll have a little time to wind down, enjoy one another’s company and discuss the successful day. We’ll provide snacks, board games and movies. In addition, we’ll ask for volunteers to assist in our donor appreciation process, which consists of emailing our supporters with updates from the day’s work.

Team Building

During our builds, volunteers will be broken into teams and given specific tasks. Teams will be broken up based on personal choice and skill. Regardless of experience, this project relies on the participation of all volunteers and even the faint of heart will become hammering experts. The tasks will include wall fabrication, truss fabrication, furniture factory, insulation, electrical wiring, painting, etc.

Donor Appreciation

One Small House prides itself on the fact that each person who donates will be personally thanked and shown the impact of their generosity. As a result, while we’re in Mexico, we’ll be taking hundreds of photos and writing hundreds of emails to each person who makes the work we do possible. This will also include photos of you hard at work so your families and friends can be proud. The process, while tedious, is imperative to our model. As a result, you may be asked to pose for a few photos and say a few words for camera. Don’t be shy!


Safety on the worksite is an important issue. We’ll spend time each morning briefing the teams of what to expect for the day and remind them of proper safety precautions. In addition, each house will be assigned a Safety Coordinator that is in charge of eradicating any precarious items or potential hazards.


We obtain supplemental medical insurance for volunteers during the time we are in Mexico. We suggest you also check with your primary medical insurance carrier, if any, and familiarize yourself with their travel rules and be sure to carry your insurance card.

Questions and Answers

Accommodations & Transportion

We will gather at SAN airport at 10 a.m. on Thursday, November 7.

We will return to SAN airport on Thursday, November 14. 

Accommodations are shared during our trip.

If you would like to arrive early, we can provide you with hotel information. 

Meals & Beverages

We will do our best to ensure you have healthy, happy meals. Please let us know your specific dietary requests. 

When dining out, we will do our best to ensure a good selection of options. 

Wine and cocktails will be an additional cost.

A survey of food preferences will be sent after registration.

Preparation & Packing

See the Packing List above.

In addition, we will have 3 Zoom calls. Two before our trip and one post-trip.

  • Sept 30, 2024, 5:00 pm PT
  • Oct 30, 2024, 5:00 pm PT
  • Dec 4, 2024, 5:00 pm PT

Details will be sent after your registration.

Volunteer Process & Requirements

See the Preparation for Participation information above.

One Small House manages all of the details for our volunteers. 

Activities and Fitness


During our time together, you will actually BUILD A HOUSE! Hammering, painting, sawing, and general construction tasks are yours for the taking! After we will relax with adventures in beautiful Del Mar beach! Biking, walking, sailing and massages. To receive the most enjoyment, anticipate and prepare your fitness.

Airlines & Airport

Arrive at San Deigo Airport (SAN) on Thursday, November 7, 2024. 

Depart San Deigo Airport (SAN) late afternoon on Thursday, November 14,  2024.

Travel Insurance

Kindness Adventures will purchase travel insurance.

You are required to purchase your personal liability travel insurance.

COVID Protocols & Border Crossing

Currently, there are no COVID protocols.

For the safety of our guests and our local community, we recommend vaccinations and encourage you to test before embarking on this adventure.

Your passport must be valid and have at least 6 months before expiration.

Itinerary & Program Updates

In order to provide you with the best experience, we may adjust the program components due to weather or other schedule considerations.

More Questions? Reach out!

Kindness Adventures & Trip Details 

Contact: Jacqueline Stanford

WhatsApp: +1 818-331-9955


Help with booking your flights or help with extending your travel plans

Contact: Melissa Fulton

Phone: +1 949-433-5129



Testimonials from our kindly home builders

Kindness Adventures

This experience provided me with what I was most needing.... an opportunity to give back to the world and to meet other like-minded people.... in a supportive, fun environment. Sometimes just getting out of our day-to-day experience and trying something new that involves giving back allows us to gain perspective on what is most important in the world and what we want in our lives moving forward. Kindness Adventures provides that opportunity. As cliche-ish as it sounds... it is a gift to oneself and to a community in need that keeps on giving!

Los Angeles

Kindness Adventures

You reach a time in your life when you say, what purpose do I have or how can I give back to the world. It fulfilled that need, and makes me want to do more! After the house build, you enjoy some downtime, pampering, and fun, which we all deserve in our busy lives. Kindness Adventures has captured the need to give back and have adventures all in one trip!

Boyne City, MI

Kindness Adventures

This trip was a last-minute decision for me. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to travel with a purpose. It was the most incredible kindness birthday! I gave of myself to someone else and the kindness was welcomed and received with an open heart… an exchange of gratitude… what a gift!


Kindness Adventures

If you are remotely considering building a house for a deserving family, these are the organizations you want to work with (Kindnesses Adventures and One Small House)! I personally came away feeling more capable of making a difference for the family we built for. I also really enjoyed being part of an incredible team. The whole really is greater than the sum of its parts.

Kindness Adventures

It was really helpful for me to go somewhere and give my time and energy without expecting anything in return. Yet, while there, I made some amazing new friends and learned some new skills. But the best part was giving the keys to the family and seeing how happy and grateful they were.

Kindness Adventures

Joining for a One Small House build in Tijuana was deeply fulfilling by balancing tough physical labor with the profound reward of knowing that the outcome of these few days of my effort makes a significant change in the life of a deserving family.

The concept of kindness in collaboration with OSH is nothing short of brilliant. It allows for self-driven work with others that fosters a sense of autonomy in a fun atmosphere, followed by relaxation and adventure. The community building aspect is extraordinary - I had the chance to work alongside so many kind-hearted individuals, each driven by the common goal of making a difference, and experience the same people in trying out new things and stretching beyond their capabilities (encouraged by Jax).

What struck me the most on this trip was the unexpected balance between giving and receiving. Despite the strenuous physical efforts - the overwhelming sense of receiving and gaining perspective was unparalleled. The opportunity for reflection provided by Jax, the energy to still do Yoga despite the pain and exhaustion, and the conversations with others during the evenings (and the amazingly authentic food) contributed to this transformative experience.

In essence, this trip with offered me a structured way to spread kindness and do this on a significant scale which cannot be achieved alone. I wholeheartedly recommend this adventure to anyone seeking a profound and impactful way to give back to deserving communities. The memories, the bonds formed, the adventures in an environment not everyone would travel alone, and the positive change generated made it an experience that resonates long after the last nail was hammered. And, as a nice side effect, I am now ready and prepared for any house project back home :)


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead



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