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Helping young women from the Atlas Mountain Region.

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Donations to Education For All:  Collecting Now!

E-Volunteering Program: October 2024!

In-Person Kindness + Adventures: April 2025

Kindness Adventures Supports Morocco

During the summer, we searched to find a reputable and experienced volunteer organization with a strong commitment to integrity. Our aim was to leverage the skills and talents of the Kindness Adventures team for the betterment of the local communities in a few specific destinations.

We had the privilege of meeting with Sallie and Dianne, who represent People and Places, a distinguished volunteer organization based in the United Kingdom. Our research led us to them, as we were determined to collaborate with a well-established partner capable of ensuring that our programs would genuinely benefit deserving organizations at the local level. Additionally, we sought assurance that our team's talents and skills would align seamlessly with the needs of these communities. 

People and Places have been designing volunteer placements which match individual volunteers’ skills and experiences to locally identified needs for nearly 15 years - enabling volunteers to work with, not instead of, local people. 

In early September, we agreed to go forward with planning a destination to Morocco where we would help the young women in the Ansi region through the efforts of Education For All.

Education For All Morocco

Education For All ensures girls in the High Atlas region of Morocco can access secondary school by building and running safe, superbly staffed, well-equipped boarding houses. We have 6 boarding houses accommodating over 200 girls.

In rural areas of Morocco, girls are excluded from secondary education due to living too far away from the schools and being too poor to afford safe transport. In the High Atlas mountain region of Morocco, illiteracy rates are as high as 70%. Without an education, generations of girls and women remain illiterate, unequal and bound to poverty and early marriage.

Education for All Morocco has found a cost effective, safe and successful solution. We build and run girls boarding houses close to the secondary schools, bringing 200 girls from remote rural villages in the mountains into the towns where there are schools. For only $3 a day, a girl can live with us in the boarding houses where she receives 3 nutritious meals a day, a comfy bed to sleep in, hot showers, access to books and a computer room, lots of friends and a dedicated house mother.

At Education For All we believe that an educated girl educates the next generation. We see girls at our houses thriving, passing their school exams and going onto University and even studying Masters Degrees. They are the first in their villages to reach these levels of education, making them important examples and role models for unstoppable change. An educated woman can contribute fully to her family, community, the economy and support the overall development of her nation.

Then tragedy struck. 

September 9, 2023:

There has been an earthquake in Morocco. The epicenter of the 6.8-magnitude quake was in the High Atlas mountains located about 72 kilometers (44.7 miles) southwest of Marrakech. We are in contact with our partners and are awaiting word on how we can help. When we have more information we will share it with you. Please send your prayers and well wishes.

A letter from our partner organization in Morocco

The boarding houses and villages supported by Education for All are in the High Atlas Mountains, the very area most badly affected by the earthquake which struck Morocco late on Friday evening.  The town of Talat n’Yakoub, home to two boarding houses Dar Tinmel 1 and Dar Tinmel 2, were at the very epicentre of the earthquake, and most buildings in this town have been razed to the ground.  The town of Asni, home to other four houses, was also very badly affected.  All six EFA houses have been damaged and will need rebuilding and extensive repairs.

We are very relieved to report that all six housemothers are safe – they are of course profoundly shocked but are happy to be alive.  Sadly we cannot yet say the same for all the girls.  They were all at home in their mountain villages enjoying the last day of the school summer holiday – they were due to return to their boarding houses on Sunday.  As we have all seen in the media, these mountain villages have suffered severe damage with the majority of houses reduced to rubble, and as roads are blocked and networks are down it is difficult for our partners at EFA to get news.  They have been able to make contact with some of their girls, but by no means all of them.

Schools are also damaged so at the moment it is unclear when the girls will be able to return to their boarding houses and resume their normal lives.

September 26, 2023

18 days after the earthquake and the EFA team is busy dealing with the mass relocation of students from the High Atlas to Marrakech. To be honest, it is a confusing time as we look for temporary accommodation and wait to hear when some of the schools will actually open. This week we have also been packing up as many items as possible to move them into storage. Some houses we have not been able to enter due to the buildings being too unsafe. Your donations are supporting us greatly at this time. Our main aim is to return the EFA students to as much of a sense of normality as we can; to support them academically and emotionally. It will take time, but we are 100% committed.

September 29, 2023:

Your donations and support have a greater impact than you may realize. The recent earthquake has greatly affected many lives, particularly children who face the risk of disrupted education due to extensive damage to schools. According to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy website, about 100,000 children were affected by the earthquake. A total of 530 schools and 55 boarding houses, including our EFA boarding houses, were destroyed. By donating to our cause, you are supporting the fundamental right of every girl to education.

October 1, 2023 - Update from Education for All:

This is a before and after the earthquake picture of Dar Asni 3, one of our boarding houses that provided a home for 50 girls. These walls hold precious memories, from the excitement of our girls’ first days to their final days of school and their graduation ✨ 

Before Earthquake

As we embark on the journey of rebuilding the damaged houses, we are committed to reconstructing them with care and dedication. Together, brick by brick we can make our boarding houses the nurturing homes that they once were 🏡🏔️📚🇲🇦

After Earthquake

Kindness Adventures Supports Morocco

Donating, E-Volunteering & In-Person Programs

We are moving forward with our support for the girls of the Ansi Region of Morocco. With help from Dianne and Sallie of People and Places, and Sonia, the CEO of Education For All, we have a three-part plan:
  1. Donations goal of $10,000 through Global Giving directly to Education for All
  2. E-Volunteering through People and Places in early Spring 2024
  3. In-Person Program that will combine Kindness + Adventure in Morocco in October 2024 
Kindness Adventures Donations Information on E-Volunteering Information On In-Person Program

Kindness Adventures

Donations to Education For All:  Collecting Now! 

We've set a goal of raising $10,000.

Here are a few examples of how your donation translates into helping the earthquake crisis appeal.

$97 Emergency medical supplies to the girls and their families
$492 Cover transport to bring new materials to the houses
$689 Replace broken computers
$787 Refurnish rooms with new beds
$983 Cover extensive repairs to plumbing
$2950 Cover comprehensive reapirs to the boarding houses


This school is family for these girls. Their lives have been terribly disrupted and it was a challenge before. Please participate in the Kindness Adventures fundraising efforts to rebuild Education for All in Morocco.

Kindness Adventures EFA Global Giving

*GlobalGiving has been awarded the highest possible rating by Charity Navigator, BBB Wise Giving Alliance, and GuideStar.

Kindness Adventures

E-Volunteering Program: Coming Soon!

Information regarding

Kindness Ambassadors E-Volunteering Program

Available Soon

E-Volunteering was designed during COVID by People and Places.  E-Volunteering is a way for you to volunteer from home – it will suit volunteers who want to use their skills and experiences to support a project abroad but are not able or do not wish to travel.
You can contribute in various ways, whether it's just an hour every few weeks or a one-time effort. Your involvement can be tailored by matching your skills with project requirements, just like what is done for traveling volunteers. Your placement plan will include regular online meetings with project collaborators.

E-Volunteering in Morocco:

Prior to the earthquake, People and Places help to supports girls from remote villages in pursuing secondary education and earning their Baccalaureate. The assistance helped to enhance their English language proficiency and boost their confidence, crucial for academic success and expanding their job prospects. Additionally, the exchange helped volunteers to learn about Berber culture, fostering a valuable cultural exchange.

We are awaiting materials and connectivity to be restored at Education For All. As we await the structure, we are working with People and Places to develop a program to connect the girls with a volunteer to help them as they rebuild and process through this tragedy. We are looking to gather women who are interested in learning more about the program when it is ready to launch.
Please add your name to our list if you have time to dedicate to helping these girls as part of the Kindness Adventures first e-volunteering program Morocco E-Volunteering Interest

Kindness Adventures

 In-Person Kindness + Adventures: April 2025

April 2025

Total Program Cost: TBD

We are working with People and Places to create a KINDNESS service project to help young women in the Ansi area. The project will incorporate their needs along with the skills and talents of the women joining from Kindness Adventures. AND (of course!), we have amazing ADVENTURES planned after the project is complete. This has the potential to be an ongoing partnership with the agency and the young women in Morocco.

Please add your name to our list to be updated as details become available Morocco In-Person Interest



Helping young girls from the Atlas Mountains.


Hiking. Cultural Immersion. Traditional Spa Day.

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