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A virtual journey to help support animals

Join us for a 12-week journey of kindness

Embark on a 12-week, 2,500-mile virtual journey with teams of animal lovers. Walk, bike, row, or engage in any activity to log miles and support EPIC Outreach.

Saturday, July 27 - Friday, October 25, 2024

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Sponsors & Team Animal

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About this journey

WHY: Raising funds to provide shelter, food, and medical care for animals in need as well as expansion and maintenance for EPIC Outreach farm sanctuary.

WHERE: From Kindness Adventures' headquarters in Blaine, WA to EPIC Outreach's headquarters in Jacksonville, FL.

WHEN: The journey begins on Saturday, July 27 and concludes on Friday, October 25 — or when you complete your 2,500 miles! You are then invited to virtually attend EPIC’s annual FARM FUN FALL-O-WEEN on Saturday, October 26, 2024.

HOW: Log miles for various activities (walk, bike, row) in the My Virtual Mission (MVM) app. Convert other activities (yoga, weight training, yard work) into miles using the conversion chart. Sync activities to MVM with fitness apps like Garmin, Runkeeper, Fitbit, Apple Health, or manually enter them.

STAY IN TOUCH! Get updates, milestones, and share photos and news with teammates via the MVM app.

Do it for them.

EPIC Outreach residents







By the numbers

How to reach 2,500 miles in 12 weeks

Walk, bike, row, or convert other activities (like yoga or yard work) into miles using the My Virtual Mission (MVM) app. “Travel” from Kindness Adventures' Headquarters in Blaine, WA to EPIC Outreach's Headquarters in Jacksonville, FL.

You will work in teams of 6-8 over 12 weeks to collectively achieve a total distance of 2,500 miles. That’s about 4 miles per person/day. We will assign the teams and your team animal (one of the many residents at EPIC Outreach 😊) and notify you before the start.

You will receive an email from Kindness Adventures on July 22nd, 5 days prior to the start, with information about your teammates and your team animal.

Important Dates

  • Sunday, July 21, 2024, 9PM PT: Registration closes
  • Monday, July 22, 2024: Teams & animal assigned
  • Saturday, July 27, 2024: Journey begins 
  • Mid-August, 2024: T-shirts delivered
  • Friday, October 25, 2024: Journey ends
  • Saturday, October 26, 2024: FARM FUN FALL-O-WEEN @ EPIC Outreach

movement = miles

Supports all activities

  • Participate from around the world
  • Access the journey from the web or My Virtual Mission app for iPhone or Android
  • Post photos and comments on the newsfeed app
  • Receive motivation and news as your team reaches milestones
  • Participate on social media with hashtags: #KindnessAdventuresCoast2Coast and #journey4kindness
  • Receive weekly emails throughout the journey from Kindness Adventures

About us

Kindness Adventures

We are Kindness Adventures, a 501c3 non-profit tax ID#92-2242927 dedicated to offering women a unique travel experience that blends adventure with community engagement. We believe travel can foster personal growth and aim to create impactful experiences to connect deeply with the world. Through outdoor activities and community service, we hope to inspire positive change. Our focus is on building a supportive community of compassionate women committed to making a difference. Learn more.



This event supports EPIC Outreach, a 501c3 non-profit tax ID#47-4972969 with a mission to create a kinder world for people, animals, and the planet by inspiring compassion for all things. EPIC Outreach believes in building the human animal bond by direct encounters with people and animals through humane education outreach. By bringing pets into the classroom or having people visit the Education Farm Sanctuary kids and adults are able to connect directly with animals they might not ever have a chance to meet. Learn more.


how to help

Register & Buy a T-Shirt

Event Registration*: $40

Buy a Life is Good® Be Kind to Animals event t-shirt:

  • Short sleeve: $47

  • Long sleeve: $57

Sizing chart

NOTE: Kids shirt sizes are unavailable, however we recommend referring to the sizing chart for Women's XS or S.

Shirts delivered mid-August.

*T-shirts may be bought separately. Not included in Event Registration.


other ways to help

Become a Sponsor

$500: Friends of the Herd — ​​​this option covers the cost of care for every animal at the sanctuary for approximately 1 day.* Benefits include recognition on event communications, website, t-shirt, and social media. Select your team animal and receive a “6-pack” coupon for six adventurers to join the Kindness Adventures’ Coast-to-Coast Journey. One for you and 5 of your friends!

$1,000: Guardian of the Pasturethis option covers the cost of care for every animal at the sanctuary for a little over 2 days.* Receive all benefits of the Friends of the Herd PLUS $250 off on an upcoming Kindness Adventures Destination.

$2,500: Champion of Kindnessthis option covers one month of hay delivery, including feed and bedding. Receive all the benefits of Guardian of the Pasture PLUS an additional $250 off on an upcoming Kindness Adventures Destination and a unique, handmade Kindness Adventures bowl or platter personally crafted by our Founder and President, Jacqueline Stanford.

*At any given time there are 60+ animals living at the sanctuary.  An average of $7 per animal covers their food, bedding, vet care and overall care needs (which includes things like maintenance to keep the farm animals safe) — which is about $420/day.

FEES: In the Order section, you’ll see a note that says “Support the 100% free platform we use! ❤” or “Add a contribution to keep the platform we use 100% free!” This is optional. If you don’t wish to pay the fees, click the dropdown, select Other, and enter 0.


"I just love this and have had a lot of fun venturing 'across the country!!' I enjoyed my jaunt and felt really good about our team’s contribution!"

"I loved the fact that cleaning my bathroom and vacuuming my house not only improved my surroundings, I was helping my teammates and supporting animals at the same time! Win-Win!"

"I LOVE to be active and bring KINDNESS to the world! Together, we are making a difference to people, animals, and the planet! This is FANTASTIC!"

"I look forward to my daily walks, especially when I have a captivating audiobook playing through my headphones. Using the Libby app, I gather recommendations from friends, making each walk a delightful journey through new stories and ideas."

Join us on this transformative expedition, where every step taken brings us closer to creating a world filled with kindness and compassion.

#KindnessAdventuresCoast2Coast  #journey4kindness

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I want to be on a team with my friends, what do I need to do?

Click on the REGISTER button and select “1” for Event Registration. Click the box that says “I'd like to be on a team with my friends” and list their names in the field labeled “Friends' names.”

When will I know who's on my team?

You will receive your team information from My Virtual Mission on Monday, July 22.

I'd like to choose my team animal, how can I do that?

You have the opportunity to select your team animal by signing up for any one of our sponsorships. We have 10 animals available, but will add more as needed. It is first come, first serve, so be sure to sign-up soon!

I have more questions about this event, whom can I contact? 

Please email info@kindnessadventures.org with any questions.


Can I be a sponsor and remain anonymous?

Yes, simply select the Anonymous option under the question: "How would you like to be listed in our marketing materials?"


I received my welcome email from My Virtual Mission (MVM), how do I log in?

Visit the My Virtual Mission login page, and select Forgot Password to create your password and log in. Be sure to use the email you used when you registered for the event.

How can I chat with my team mates on the app?

On the App home page, click on the "Newsfeed" tab. Then in the filters section select "My Team" to share news or photos with your team mates only.

I have more questions about using the app, is there a support page?

You can access support via the MVM App from the Main Menu > Support.

You can email them directly at mvmsupport@myvirtualmission.com.

Click here to view to help articles for My Virtual Mission.